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Trend King is the premium TradingView Crypto indicator. Built for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Trend King Indicator has one primary goal - outperform Bitcoin with higher returns and reduced draw-downs.

All subscribers receive free Trend King release upgrades during their subscription periods.

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Trend King’s historic performance is achieved via a unique mix of both Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis strategies. Signals are generated based on a confluence of:

  • Short- & long-term Momentum

  • Volume Compression

  • Volatility Breakouts

  • On-chain analysis (including the famous "Hash Ribbons" indicator)

  • Other non-Price / Volume data (including Derivatives exchange data feeds)

Together, this unique mix of trading intelligence makes Trend King one of the most successful indicators on the market.


Live Performance

Trend King was publicly released on 3 November 2019. 

Since inception, Trend King has identified + 50% to subscribers* (as at 3 February 2020). This quarterly performance represents a >400% annualized ROI and 25X the return of Bitcoin buy and hold with no leverage.
 and indicator back-tests present fake results.

Backtest Performance

Many strategies and indicator back-tests present fake results.

Trend King was assessed under the following conservative configuration to ensure as realistic results as possible.

Testing configuration assumptions:

  • Fees: 0.12% (60% higher than actual BitMEX and Binance fees to more than allow for slippage)

  • Starting Capital: $10,000

  • 100% of capital re-invested per trade

Checks to minimize over-fitting

The following test process was established and completed without parameter adjustment:

  1. Use of only decile & half-decile parameters only (e.g. 5, 10, 20, 40, etc). No use of random numbers to fit data (e.g. 6, 13, 22, 34, 78, etc)

  2. Strategies built on 2 years of BitMEX data (XBTUSD)

  3. Strategies backtested on 9 years of Bitcoin data (BLX)

  4. Strategies validated on multiple large market cap cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum (ETHUSD), Litecoin (LTCUSD) and Dash (DASHUSD) on 2 and 5 year horizons


Checks to avoid fake backtest order execution

  • No Stop Losses

  • No Heikin-Ashi Candles

  • No Limit Orders (all testing uses market orders only)

Below is a sample of the Trend King backtest results over the last 2 years.

For more detailed backtest results, please see below PDF.
Contact us if you would like backtests run across a specific asset.


Bitcoin (XBTUSD) 2 years until 1 December 2019

  • Technical Analysis only


We gladly accept the best currency!

To arrange payment in Bitcoin, please Contact Us.



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