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Capriole Investments Limited is a leading asset manager in the crypto-space.
We specialize in driving excess returns by looking at data in new ways and we understand that markets are not efficient. Our passion for finding inefficiencies and true value is what drives our success.

We have just one goal:
 Outperform Bitcoin, the best performing asset of our generation.


We are proud to report that since Day 1, we have been well and truly exceeding that goal.


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We partner with a limited and select group of funds to manage their algo-trading. Our investment management service is conducted via API only. Funds are in your account and possession at all times. We measure our performance purely based on outperforming Bitcoin.
For the long-term professional investor only. The Capriole Fund is for the crypto visionary seeking above market, above Bitcoin, returns. The Capriole Fund combines the best mix of our positional algo-trading & deep value holdings strategies to yield superior market beating performance.


Autonomous algorithms which take long/short positions in cryptocurrencies. Our algorithms employ technical and fundamental strategies and are rigorously backtested. Includes the well known 'Trend King' Algorithm, the best performing Bitcoin Bot on the market in 2020.
Long-term investments in undervalued digital assets. Assets are assessed on their fundamental value as being mis-priced by the market. We focus on network effects and businesses with a proven ability to scale cash flow generation. It is very rare for a crypto to meet our investment criteria. The typical holding period is in years. 


In 2020, Capriole's Return on Investment was over 680%.

More than double bitcoin buy and hold.

This result was achieved with no leverage.

Trend King™ is a leading algo-trading strategy that takes long/short positions in Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

In 2020, Trend King was the best performing Bitcoin bot on the market*

*Last 12 months live trading performance of Trend King on Stacked Invest (2 Mar 2021)

More Data & Statistics

2 year backtest stats using:

  • 0.3% trade slippage 

  • 0.03% funding cost

  • No leverage




Charles Edwards

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B. Engineering, M. Finance
Experienced quant investor, creator of ‘Hash Ribbons’ and ‘Trend King’. Before Capriole, Charles consulted to over a dozen government, ASX100 and leading global firms. He has been a passionate investor for over a decade.

Jan Uytenhout

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B. Actuarial Science, M. Finance

A financial modeler with a background in actuarial science and mathematical finance. Jan is an experienced quantitative analyst and specialist in distressed investments. He is no stranger to credit risk management.

Ryan Mc Coy

  • LinkedIn

PM. Physics, B. Network & Server Admin

Ryan is a business analyst and software developer with over a decade of experience. He is an expert in system architecture, risk management, utility theory and choice modelling in risk-based environments.

Alessandro Palladino

B. Software Engineering

Experienced portfolio manager and algorithm designer. Alessandro has worked with Western Capital Management and Pension Management Interactive. He holds several certificates with the National Futures Association.

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Sijmon Hiemstra

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B. Financial Management
Experienced financial professional with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in alternative investments, derivatives, asset management, banking, legal and compliance.

Peter Van Zoost

B. Business Administration, CA

Peter brings an extensive career in public accounting and auditing in the hedge fund industry and has worked with various complex structures with Ogiers, Fortis Prime Fund Solutions and Conifer Fund Services Limited.

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Yassine Zrigui

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B. Engineering, M. Applied Mathematics
Yassine is a software developer and data scientist. Experienced in designing systems, creating data pipelines and deploying machine learning models in production. He is passionate about Bitcoin and investing.

Wade Kenny

B. Commerce & Accounting, CA
Co-founder of Calderwood. Wade serves on the Capriole Fund board, advising on governance and regulatory compliance. Prior to Calderwood, Wade was an Executive Director of DMS Governance and oversaw a portfolio of hedge funds.

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Independent Director


Continual research & development is at the heart of Capriole's success.


Predicting Bitcoin's
bearish unison with
equities, the day before
the March 12th crash of

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The intrinsic value of Bitcoin. The only valuation approach which uses no curve fitting and explains
Bitcoin's price history 1-to-1 based on energy input.

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The highest returning Bitcoin buy signal. A top 60 script out of >100,000 on TradingView.

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...and much more, available on our blog.





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